UNIFIBER Mast Extension SDM HD Alu 16 (U-pin)

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Product Overview

SDM HD for lightweight, stiffness and impact resistance try these aluminium-reinforced weapons.

Super stiff with extra aluminium reinforcement between the plastic base and shaft gives you peace-of-mind in the gnarliest situations.

Available sizes: 16 / 30 / 46 cm

About UNIFIBER SDM Extensions:

Heavy Duty. Light Weight. 

We beefed-up our tough line of mast extensions. Take your choice from a winning line of Carbon and Aluminium mast extensions, including Heavy Duty (HD) and PRO and PRO Stainless versions for super-efficient load distribution. All extensions are universal pin compatible except the Aluminium US-System extension and feature large diameter pulleys for slick downhauling power.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review