Maui Ultra Fin Style TATY 17 - Power box

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Product Overview

This freestyle fin was developed together with top freestyler Taty Frans from Bonaire in order to provide the best freestyle fin on the market. A very short freestyle fin with small area but nevertheless powerful, extremely turnable and easy to slide. The perfect freestyle fin for the advanced / pro freestyler. 

Best suited: Extreme freestyle in all conditions

Style-Taty fins area:

Length (cm) 14 15 16 17 18
Fin area (cm2) 97 106 116 125 135


                                                                                             MUF Fins selector


* This graph is based on a body weight of 80 kg. Each 10 kg more/less the next bigger/smaller fin has to be selected.



Maui Ultra Fins design

Sailboard performance and sailing characteristics are more influenced by the fin than originally thought. Simply speaking, the fin must hold a great part of the sail forces to create a stable and straight ride. Those fin forces must be provided under all sailing conditions and no spin-out should occur.

MUFins airfoil design is based on highly sophisticated engineering methods as they are applied in aircraft wing design. But compared to aircraft wings, fins operate at a much more lower Reynolds number. That‘s why airfoils developed for aircraft wings like the NACA series - although widely used - are not really adequate for fin applications.

In the last 25 years, especially in Germany, modern airfoils have been developed specifically for low Reynolds numbers. MUFins uses this valuable knowledge with some modifications for the new fin development.

The airfoils are optimized with computer programs that can calculate all aerodynamic parameters of importance.

This new approach in designing MUFins sets new standards in fin performance.

MUFfins delivers unmatched stability and speed range, unbelievably upwind performance, they are extremely spin-out resistant, great in jibing and agile on the waves. Nothing else compares.

One ride and you will never look at windsurfing the same again.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review