Maui Ultra Fin Style PRO 02

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Product Overview

The Style-Pro-02 completes our freestyle range. A new profile allows for early planing, very high speeds and a big pop for those extremely high moves. The ideal fin for New-School-Freestyling and the choice of many top PWA freestylers, like Sarah-Quita Offringa (PWA World Title 2017), Nicolas Akgazciyan, Adi Beholz and many more.

Quotes of our team riders:

Sarah-Quita Offringa:
"With the Style-Pro-02 I'm super confident landing my moves. It has more grip and provides more control so I don?t worry about spinning out at all. The extra control in combination with an improved pop of the Style-Pro-02 works great for my double moves. After the first move it instantly grips again, so I can pop into the next with absolute ease!"

Nicolas Akgazciyan:
"The Style-Pro-02 is considered a high-end freestyle fin by PWA riders with a lot grip & speed performing to execute all your tricks from basics to pro ... get it!"

Maaike Huvermann:
"I love sailing with the Style-Pro-02 fin because it gives me the performance I'm looking for while freestyling! Great speed for all the power moves and very easy to control in sliding moves!"

Marco Lufen:
"I prefer the sizes 18 and 19 cm, as that works best for my weight (78 kg). The Style-Pro-02 is an absolute star and brings freestyle windsurfing to another level. A definite must for every ambitioned freestyler who wants to battle with the best!"

Adrien Bosson:
"I love this fin because it gives me everything I need to push my moves: A lot of speed, plenty of grip and also great sliding. To me it is by far the best fin on the market!"

Arrianne Aukes:
"The Style-Pro-02 gives grip when you need it, and pops when you need it. For me it has the perfect combination of all things you want from a freestyle fin; grip, pop, speed and slide!"

Oda Johanne Brødholt:
"This fin was just what I needed. While going full speed and ducking the sail I know I have enough grip to trust the fin to not spin out. At the same time, sliding moves are easy with the Style-Pro-02! Fast and perfect."


Lengths: 17-22 cm
Systems: PB + US/SLOT


Maui Ultra Fins design

Sailboard performance and sailing characteristics are more influenced by the fin than originally thought. Simply speaking, the fin must hold a great part of the sail forces to create a stable and straight ride. Those fin forces must be provided under all sailing conditions and no spin-out should occur.

MUFins airfoil design is based on highly sophisticated engineering methods as they are applied in aircraft wing design. But compared to aircraft wings, fins operate at a much more lower Reynolds number. That‘s why airfoils developed for aircraft wings like the NACA series - although widely used - are not really adequate for fin applications.

In the last 25 years, especially in Germany, modern airfoils have been developed specifically for low Reynolds numbers. MUFins uses this valuable knowledge with some modifications for the new fin development.

The airfoils are optimized with computer programs that can calculate all aerodynamic parameters of importance.

This new approach in designing MUFins sets new standards in fin performance.

MUFfins delivers unmatched stability and speed range, unbelievably upwind performance, they are extremely spin-out resistant, great in jibing and agile on the waves. Nothing else compares.

One ride and you will never look at windsurfing the same again.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review