K4 Leon Dynamic Flex

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Product Overview

The Leon fin. Leon Jamaer’s signature fin. Super fast and loose. Ride like Leon!
Upright template gives better ‘pivot’ for in the pocket riding, small tip for speed, wide base for drive. Works well for all fin configurations and in all conditions.

Available in two constructions; Dynamic Flex for the classic K4 loose and grippy feel, or Super Stiff for that G10 direct and responsive style.

Leon Jamaer:

I like the my signature fins because they are fast, loose and very reactive. Due to the straight outline they pivot very well which allows me to constantly change the direction of the board while adapting my riding to the pocket of the wave. The relatively wide base gives plenty of drive in the bottom turn and a lot of projection and grip when I push hard off the top turn. It has a very sharp release so it allows me to throw the tail or slide into Takas whenever I want to. I almost only use Leon 15cm stiff version (rear) and Shark II 9cm (front) as Quad setup. On normal days I put the fins right in the middle of the box. If the wave faces get a bit bigger I put them 4-6mm backwards. The super flex version makes the whole sailing experience a little more controlled and less responsive. It will help to navigate better through chop on the wave face and the release is less sharp which favors carves over slides. Which flex to choose also depends on the board characteristic - if you want a more controlled and forgiving feel go for flex / for more spark and response go for the stiff version. My weight is 85 kg, I am 180cm tall and I use the same setup in more or less all board sizes.

Dynamic Flex

K4’s classic Dynamic Flex material with the black logo gives flex that works with the power you’re putting in allowing you to drive hard and fast and giving power back for turns. Its ability to flex and spring back to its original shape means crazy grip at extreme angles of attack and epic round house turns. The flex makes it easier to crank back up hard at the critical section, then gouge or power through the lip at full velocity

“The flex allows me to go more vertical and hit later lips. Instead of getting stuck in the curl, I can push on top of it and get more projection. Super cool.” Graham Ezzy

These fins are lighter, snappier and are extremely robust.

LENGTH: 13,14,15 and 16 - Coming soon..




16 US/SB 122 108 SS/DF
15 US/SB 110 99 SS/DF
14 US/SB 98 90 SS/DF
13 US/SB 90 84 SS/DF



(No reviews yet) Write a Review